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The school was founded by the servant of God Pastor Stanley Shauri when he started a small church in Tiwi Community.

Among his congregation he recognized illiteracy as the sole problem of misery in Tiwi Community.

In the year 2003 he started some classes in the church and by 2006 the population rose to 100 pupils in lower primary.

He committed his meager resource in the year and put up some temporary structures.

Ever since the school has become a centre of excellence, the entire school got a total of 90% free education and other educational supports like uniform, school books, stationery and learning aids.

The school has managed to enroll 370 pupils with the teaching staff of 24 teachers. The school has also manage to sit for Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (K.C.P.E) examinations for standard eight twice and it ranked as among the best schools in Coast Province.

Every Staff and pupils here worked hard to fulfil the philosophy of fighting poverty through eliminating illiteracy.

Under the vision, passion and zeal of pastor, the school has shown a variety of rewards from the community NGO and ministry.

The above has been derived from incredible hardships and painful losses the young children of Tiwi were undergoing.

Currently, the school enjoys rich rewards reaped from seeing many children triumph over adversity and forming long lasting relationship of well wishers.

The Tiwi Community enjoys a well developing, fast growing and running successful school that is working ceasely to help children.

LEGALITY: The school was registered on 26th August, 2008 by the Ministry of Education under the following certificate MOE/R01/2/3760 under profit making project.

POPULATION: The school has a population of three hundred and seventy pupils, twenty four teaching staff and twelve subordinate/support staff.


STRUCTURES: The school is built in a serene and conducive environment that is far from the hassle and bustle of the Mombasa town, hence conducive for effective learning.

The School has twelve classes, a dining hall, and kitchen and well furnished offices including the staffroom.

CONTRAINTS: We are straining to manage the surging population of the pupils in regard to accommodating them in the limited classrooms and resources.

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